Fit for purpose - Fit for life

Our children constantly tease us about the fact that we replaced them with Dalmatians when they left home.

Many a true word is spoken in jest and, in a lot of ways, our kids are right - we have replaced them. When they were growing up, our lives revolved around clubs and training sessions during the week (rugby, football, ice hockey, horse riding etc) with matches and events on the weekends. Children flying the nest leave a big gap (and a lot of spare time) and in many ways we have filled the gap, not just with dogs, but with activities for those dogs.

It's fair to say that our lives now revolve around them, with clubs and training sessions during the week (obedience, ringcraft, agility, carriage work etc) with dog shows and events on the weekends.

Keeping a dog "fit for life" involves more than just walkies - they need mental stimulation and physical challenges as well as the bonding and rewards that come from the attention they get when enjoying an activity with us.

Each of the various pedigree breeds have been bred for a specific purpose in life (gun dogs, guard dogs, sheep dogs etc) and there are activities, usually with competitions, that allow you to exercise the behaviours and traits required to keep your dog "fit for purpose".

Dalmatians are Carriage Dogs - this means they were bred to run with horses and carriages, for up to 26 miles each day, to protect the horses and the drivers. In our quest to make our Dalmatians the very best Dalmatians they can be, we have tried to find activities that "fit" with their natural instincts and capabilities.

The links above provide information on some of the activities themselves as well as Schunikkas highlights.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information on any activities.